Aaron Barlev

I'm a passionate and ambitious problem-solver with experience building incredible software for a wide range of industries including robotics, aerospace, and consumer technology.


Self-Driving Pacerbot

Created an autonomous vision-guided robot for pacing track athletes. Utilized a Raspberry Pi computer for image processing with Python and OpenCV. Employed Atmel microcontrollers for low-level control with C++ and Arduino. Fabricated necessary structures using Computer Aided Design with Autodesk Inventor.

Computer Vision-Based LIDAR Sensor

Designed and constructed a computer vision-powered LIDAR sensor and used it to create a 3-D point cloud of a structure on the University of Maryland campus. Utilized Python computer vision libraries to write software which uses a still image to compute the distance of an object relative to the camera. Processed the distance data using MATLAB to create a point cloud of the object.

Hyperlinked Network Link-Prediction

Conducted independent, novel research on hyperlink-prediction in the context of a search engine. Evaluated the feasibility and usefulness of a method to predict the likelihood of the creation of hyperlinks between existing web pages. Examined the application of ranking search engine results by quality for a given search query.


Android Application Development

Independently developed and published multiple mental math training applications for Android. The final iteration consisted of a timed level system, with unlockable achievements to motivate progress. Applied numerous Java concepts within the projects, including: storage of key-value pairs for later recall of user data, usage of lambda expressions, implementation of a Runnable interface for use within a thread, usage of a model-view-controller paradigm, and event-driven programming.

Education & Skills

University of Maryland, A. James Clark School of Engineering

Bachelor of Science
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Computer Science
GPA: 3.7/4.0
August 2015 - August 2019


  • Algorithms (CMSC351H)
  • Bio-Inspired Robotics (ENME489L)
  • Electronics and Instrumentation I & II (ENME350/351)
  • Medical Robotics (ENME489C)
  • Object-Oriented Programming I & II (CMSC131/132)
  • Organization of Programming Languages (CMSC330)
  • Remote Sensing (ENME489Y)
  • Technical Writing (ENGL393)

Programming Languages & Tools

Awards & Leadership


Apart from my technical interests - my passions include traveling, fitness, following the stock market, and cooking. I've been to over half the U.S. states and I travel abroad at every opportunity. During my time at the University of Maryland, I was a distance runner on the Track & Field team, where I competed in the 1500 and 3000 Steeplechase. I began investing at the age of 14. My favorite dish is King Salmon with steamed broccoli and potatoes.

Music City Challenge - February 9th, 2019
I ran a personal best time of 4:12.81 for the mile in this race.